Monday, May 16, 2011

Love as a Service

Love is so complicated sometimes. Love asks us to sacrifice and make compromises. (I actually sound out compromise like com-promise, so that I'll spell it out correctly.) Love makes us say things we truly mean when on a normal given day, we would have just held it back all in the name of love and of protecting our loved ones.

My version of love is service. I am not the most verbal or affectionate person in the world. It's how I'm built. People are known to adapt and change, so over time, I can develop these expressions of love.

So this is what I will do in the mean time and these are a few examples: give you a ride to the airport, ride with you as you pick someone up at the airport for the carpool lane, listen to you talk or rant or vent, read your resume, watch your dog, lend you a book, sit with you at the hospital, let you say mean things and then reel you back in, get you a birthday card, get you a thinking of you card, support your dream, tell you the truth, paint the town red with you, watch a movie with you, share a meal or drink with you, critique your outfit, make you laugh, crack a joke at my expense, share my notes, watch your back, and buy you a cup of coffee.

I express my love, friendship, concern, or whatever you call it, by sharing my time and company with you.

What I am working on: one day and every day after that, I will share a relaxed hug with no tight shoulders with every dear one, and actually say, "I love you." In all honestly, I will bail you out of jail first before I get to this point, but I am going to get there.

Love even with all its complications is all worth it in the end. Even if at times, it's so hard to see beyond the heartbreak. This is what we call hope. Whether it's through prayer, travel, daily exercise, or a new hobby. We persevere and survive because we have hope.