Thursday, April 14, 2011

Gah, am I getting old?

Looking at 30

I'm still 29 years old. I've a few more months to hold on to my youth. I can still tell others that I am still in my 20s. I can't believe that I'm going to be 30 years old! I honestly feel too young to be 30 years old. So to demonstrate how ready I am to be 30 years old, I have listed all of the outstanding (a popular work-related word) items that I've yet to accomplish. I am not married. I'm in my last year of college. Or last year and a half of college, to be more precise. I have no children. I haven't purchased a house. If I am supposed to be following an expected path, I've been off this route for quite a while.

So what exactly have I accomplished?

I'm probably partly finished or on my way to completing a variety of goals. I am almost finished with school. I am almost ready to get married. I don't have much time left on my biological clock, so by default, I will be having kids fairly soon. (Side note: I have always been open to adoption.) I'm not that excited to buy my own house. (Side note: I can face many things, but the idea of having a mortgage freaks me out. I am also scared of the dark, clowns, and drowning. I am even scared of fake drowning.)

What I'd Like to Do

I want to pick up an artistic hobby. I've always been intrigued by DIY projects. So before the right side of my brain becomes senile, I want to take up sewing. I've always admired quirky patterns, textures, and fabrics, so I see myself enjoying this in the long run. My maternal grandmother used to make me clothes as a little kid. I loved that it was made by my grandma and I can be for sure that no one else would be wearing a matching teddy bear, shirt and pants combination with lace trimmings outfit. (I'm going to find that awesome picture. Because the best day to wear this outfit was picture day!) Sure it could pass for pajamas, but I loved that it fit exactly to my measurements.

Other Stuff I'd Like to Do

As I look 30 straight in the eye or however far my poor eye sight can see, I do plan on traveling as much possible. Preferably, I'd want to go to countries outside of the US, so I can re-appreciate the USA.

I want to lose 20 pounds! I am embarrassed to even admit that I even have 20 pounds to spare, but as many people would agree, my body is not a perfect wonderland. (John Mayer may be a douchebag, but he writes good songs.)

I want to be debt free! I'm on my way to financial freedom from a debt perspective, but I am about 100 million-billion dollars short from true financial freedom. I am paying back my very youthful choices, literally.

Lastly, I've had a former colleague at work who pursued her dream and has published 2 New York Times Bestsellers for Children's Books. I have to re-ignite the inspiration and act on it. Henceforth and therefore, the blogging craze has begun again. Also, I just read Tina Fey's Bossypants. I loved it. She confirms all the more why I consider her one of my human, female, and writing heroes. Go read it!