Saturday, June 26, 2010

A Collection of Happy Moments in Napa

Trees lined both sides of the road as pairs of branches from opposite trees clasped like two hands. Rays of light still managed to discover pockets of open spaces through the canopy of leaves and branches. The drive through this little piece of road and trees lasted only a few moments. From those few moments, I finally felt the seed of an inspired idea had been freshly planted. I have been patiently waiting for that spark, so I can finally write a story.

(Going off on a tangent, I went to have a pedicure on Friday after work. I picked up a few magazines to get some tips on hair and look for outfit ideas. I ended up reading an article about Lauren Conrad. Yes, LC of the Laguna Beach and The Hills reality television shows. I didn't realize that she already had 2 books published and the books are also doing really well. In one sentence, she mentioned the importance of an overview of the entire book and a chapter outline. I went looking for hair ideas in the magazine, instead I find tips on writing. Score for me! I've also started researching for writing workshops. Baby steps to a dream!)

There are few places that I've visited where I feel like I've been transported to another place and time. One of those places is Napa Valley in California. The Napa region has a bit of Mother Nature and magic in the air. Season after season, the land produces a bountiful harvest for the vineyards. When I stared out into the horizon, the land is endlessly lush with green trees, grass, and hills. It's almost like the rain and sunshine made a special blend just for this area, so that all plants may grow and thrive in the soil.

I visited Napa today with a few friends. Almost every place we visited was a photo opportunity including the wineries, the restaurant, and even the grocery store. Everything about Napa is quaint and picturesque. As we traveled up and down Napa, I couldn't help, but think of the romanticism that is A Walk in the Clouds starring Keanu Reeves. From a single plant, the family in the movie was able to grow that single plant into a full fledge vineyard. Similar to an idea, an idea cannot come into fruition until it is firmly planted and nourished.

Today was such a beautiful day in Napa, California. It was also a beautiful day because it was filled with good company, tasty food, pretty pictures, and lovely memories.

Taken at Castello di Amarosa on June 26, 2010 - Mimicing Three's Company - Everybody sing, "Come and knock on our door, someone's waiting for you..."

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